5 Branding Tips to Elevate your Startup in 2022 | with Meliorate Branding Boutique

Branding is one of the most important aspects you need to have in place when starting a business, especially in 2022, where new businesses are continuously launching and making it even more challenging to stand out. Branding is what sets your product or service apart from others, it’s how you will be recognized amidst other competitors. We’ve partnered up with Meliorate Branding Boutique who will share 5 branding tips your startup needs in 2022.

About Meliorate Branding Boutique
Founded by Rocío Burgos and Julika Thijsen, Meliorate creates inspiring creative communication experiences by connecting purpose with an elevated brand. They offer corporate, personal, branding and digital marketing services. So if you are looking to revamp your branding or up your digital marketing game, these ladies are who you need to get in touch with.

Now let’s dive into Meliorate’s branding tips!

1. Define your brand identity
Show your magic! Your brand is a true reflection of your identity connecting your purpose through strategic and genuine messaging, and creating deep and lasting connections. The brand identity consists of a combination of the visible elements of a brand such as color, logo, typography, and creative assets like icons that identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ minds, while also presenting your brand messaging, packaging, and culture. Ask yourself; How can my audience feel a connection with my services, products, or skills through every interaction with my brand?

2. Use consistent visual and verbal branding
Once your Brand Identity is established, getting recognized is the first step to getting remembered a.k.a. being on-brand! Using consistent visuals and messaging will allow people to recognize your brand quicker. Think about colors, fonts, graphics, picture, and video content that are consistent with your brand identity. Being consistent means using the same color palette and aesthetic to ensure alignment with your brand guidelines. Tip: make sure you have your brand guidelines documented so you have all the info you need at hand.

3. Niche down – concentrate on mastering your target audience’s platform(s)
The first thing to focus on is your target audience. For those that are still uncertain about your target audience. Ask yourself…how do you define your target audience? The wrong answer is EVERYONE! Your target audience refers to the specific group of consumers most likely to want your product or service, basically, the group of people who should see your ad campaigns. Target audience may be dictated by age, gender, income, location, interests, among others. Once you define your target audience you will know their preferred social media platform, research this platform and find out the best ways to communicate and create content that you’ll know your audience will love!

4. Create valuable content that is easy to digest and easy to share
In today’s social media world, only the best content that actually deserves to get shared, will get shared. When thinking about content that is easy to digest and share (make sure your profile is public!), think about content that adds value to the consumer’s experience with your brand. Showcase your process, product experience, and client reviews. Give your followers a behind-the-scenes peak, while also providing useful tips for usage (in case you’re a product business). Remember to use shortened links because it will be a lot easier to share, and lastly, ensure you are constantly engaging via social media by replying to comments.


5. Build a community – partner with other brands
In marketing it pays to be strategic, nowadays we see more and more the benefits of partnering with other brands as an effective way to build community, boost brand awareness, and break into new markets. When building partnerships and engaging with other brands ensure they have a similar purpose and similar values as your brand. Co-publish blog social media posts, articles, podcasts, or YouTube videos. Take advantage and build your brand awareness much faster!

We thank the ladies of Meliorate for sharing these valuable branding tips with our readers. We recommend you try and apply these whether you have an existing business or are starting a new business. A branding revamp is always something to look into! If you want to work with Meliorate Branding Boutique, you can contact them through e-mail at: melioratebb@gmail.com or through Whatsapp: +297 744-1828 / +297 5934422.

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